Cine-Arts 2016 A Charity Gala Hotel Majestic Barrière Cannes

A huge success for the Wheeling Around the World Foundation and its “Cine-Arts” Gala!

VIP BELGIUM, leaded by Alexandre Bodart Pinto, propose an unrivalled Gala dinner which will take place during the Cannes International Film Festival 2016. For eight years consecutive, the company has been playing a major part in Cannes during the Festival.

frères bogdanoff

Cine-Arts is happy to cooperate with Philippe Streiff in organizing a charity event for the benefit of WAW Foundation. You will see also different celebrities and artists, even Russian like Alina Yarovaya, one of the solists of Bolshoi Theater and many others!

Алина Яровая photo pilot

Organiser: Alexandre Bodart Pinto



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