Founded in 2003, the AMWC (Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine World Congress) has become, over the course of 12 years, the largest congress in the fields of aesthetic and anti-aging medicine in the world.
Viewed by many as the premier event in this sector, the congress brings together all the top international experts from each discipline linked to the anti-aging sector throughout the world. Over the last 13 years, the main objective of the AMWC has been to encourage scientists to acquire a better understanding of anti-aging treatments used around the world.

This mission remains of fundamental importance, and the congress’s scientific programme is touching on the prevention of aging by means of the aesthetic approach (dermatology, surgery and aesthetic medicine), and the use of «the medicine of aging well», anti-aging medicine, for the sake of inner well-being. In order to meet these objectives, the AMWC 2015 is offering presentations by renowned experts in multiple
disciplines, such as: aesthetic dermatology, plastic surgery and aesthetic surgery, and preventive and anti-aging medicine.
The interactive presentations and direct demonstrations result in sessions featuring an abundant range of discussions and exchanges of ideas. These touch upon the results of recent clinical trials, experience picked up during marketing campaigns and practical tips.

The main topic of the congress is based on the «Concept of Charisma and Future Challenges in Aesthetics». How to preserve our personal charisma, in the pursuit of aesthetic perfection? How to find the right balance without being excessive? Other topics, such as medical ethics, patients’ expectations and the concepts of ideal beauty are among the main subjects dealt with by the AMWC. Every year, this hotly anticipated congress welcomes more than 9,000 participants from more than 120 different countries.


Interesting figures about France.
At present, in France, women using cosmetic products use them for clear and simple, not to say ‘basic’, purposes. The vast majority are seeking to alleviate dry skin (54%). Those in the 25-34 age bracket are more interested in the brightness of their complexion, whilst those who are over 50 tend to be more interested in getting rid of wrinkles.

In terms of shopping channels, the number of women who use specialised channels is fairly small (9% buy their products from an institute or from an aesthetic doctor). As far as intervention is concerned, there are very few women planning to undergo aesthetic treatment in the coming months (<15%, focused mainly on laser hair removal, particularly among the youngest women).

Cosmeceuticals are an area that is currently deemed to be credible as regards promises to hydrate the skin, reduce wrinkles and crow’s feet (25% of women or more «agree completely» with these statements) and also promises about making the skin smoother and stronger (70% of women «agree completely» or «tend to agree» with these statements). Women in the 35-49 age bracket are more inclined to believe the statements related to improving the look of the skin (wrinkles and crow’s feet, strengthening effect, smoothing over of features and irregularities).

Among women seeking to take action against wrinkles, the zones they tend to identify are:
– the area around the eye and dark circles under the eye in 7% of cases
– the area around the mouth and the oval of the face in 4% of cases
– frown lines in 3% of cases
– the nasolabial fold in 2% of cases
Moreover, in terms of beauty, 4 out of 5 women wish to take action predominantly on their face.